I love learning, reading, and sharing what I love!

Here are some resources I am or have been involved in and inspired by. Maybe you’ll be inspired too.

YWAM, Missions, & the Bible

  1. Youth With A Mission Muizenberg: Muizenberg | Cape Town, South Africa – Where I currently serve on staff as a full-time missionary.
  2. YWAM Muizenberg Blog – I had the privilege of starting this blog and edit it.
  3. YWAM Montana | LakesideI am a Global Partner of YWAM Montana.
  4. Youth With A Mission
  5. SBS Podcast – From YWAM’s School of Biblical Studies International
  6. The Template Institute – Rediscovering & teaching God’s principles for blessing all nations
  7. A Life Overseas – the missions conversation

Ministries & Non-Profits

  1. Bethesda House: Encountering Jesus, Restoring Lives, Equipping Believers – My current ministry. Bethesda House means “the place of the outpouring and mercy.”  We exist to see people encounter God and to be restored and equipped to transform communities with the Kingdom of God.
  2. Hope Africa Collective and Hope Africa Blog – Developing potential, transforming communities, overcoming poverty
  3. Justice Doll – Fighting trafficking & injustices, inspiring hope, & creating jobs
  4. Gogo Olive – Using craft skills to create employment for women & give hope to their families

On Leadership, Development, & Writing

  1. Michal Hyatt – Recommended resource on personal development, leadership, productivity, platform, and publishing.
  2. Goins, Writer – Inspiring resource on writing, blogging, etc.

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