Here you will find a little bit about me, an American girl relocated to South Africa, my missionary life for 16 years, and giving info – to my missions’ journey, and also what has monumentally shaped the past two years, my healing journey with cancer. Check out my pages for info.

**Please Note (March 2022): I’m trying to update this blog with all my Journey with Cancer Updates from GoFundMe so these can all be accessed easily here. I do apologize if you are getting inundated with emails about new posts – I don’t know how to turn this off or if it can be turned off (I’m not proficient at websites). Thank you for understanding, and I truly appreciate your prayers and support throughout my journey. May God Bless You, Shannon**

In a nutshell,

I desire that ALL may be set free

to worship God with their whole being and whole lives.

I love Jesus.

I love people.

I love nature.

I’m a relatable, empathetic introvert who is verbal and internal – it’s a mixed bag. 🙂

Enjoy! ~Shannon

May 8, 2022 GoFundMe: I Finally Got COVID, Planning My USA Trip, Started New Cancer Treatment

Hello *Friends & Family, I’m sorry I’m so slow getting an update out to you. To be honest, this has been the most difficult season for me, dealing with the side effects of the medications on my body & emotions. While healing from surgery, I got really sick in December. It turned into the worst sinusContinue reading “May 8, 2022 GoFundMe: I Finally Got COVID, Planning My USA Trip, Started New Cancer Treatment”

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