My world was rocked with a diagnosis of breast cancer in December 2019.

First of all, I can truly say that I am doing well. I have great faith in God’s healing by any means, instantaneously and/or through treatments, nutrition, etc.! I am so thankful for my dear family and friends who are supportive during this time. And my heart is filled with such gratitude for the prayers and generosity on my behalf – Please know that I can feel them and to keep the coming as I continue this healing journey.

My dear sister Marte set up this GoFundMe account specifically for donations to help cover the greatly increased expenses for my healing.

As with giving to my missions’ journey, please know that there is no pressure, but this is as God leads you. Go to to give and for updates on this journey. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at

Thank you so much for partnering in my healing and how I want to glorify God through my life every step of the way. God Bless You,


*I’ve included the first GoFundMe letter Marte wrote below:



My name is Marte, and I am the sister of Shannon. My dear sister has been an amazing person in my life as a friend, counselor, and sister. She is truly a woman after God’s own heart and seeking to serve Him. Ever since she graduated from college she has been abroad, teaching, sharing, and helping to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those around her.

For over 9 years, Shannon has been serving as a full-time missionary in Africa. She has had some health issues along the way and recently was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was a big shock to all her family, and we look to God for wisdom, faith, and His everlasting love.

As Shannon embarks on this journey back to health and to fight this cancer, costs of medical treatments, nutrition, supplements, etc. can be quite burdensome and expensive. When we seek God, He shows us in His Word that when another is hurting that we unite together in support for each other financially, prayerfully and faithfully giving for those needs. And so my family and I humbly ask for your help to meet the extreme financial burden that weighs heavily on Shannon. We want her to focus on this journey to heal while we, the Body of Christ, do the impossible with God by our side, making it possible!

If 225 people donated $200 each, we can reach this goal. No amount is too small. (Please note that GoFundMe deducts 2.9% plus $0.30 from each donation for processing fees.)

Would you prayerfully consider giving today?

We are truly blessed by each one of you, your donations, prayers, support, and love. I will continue to give you updates as we progress forward and see the miracles unfold. God is not finished!

God Bless,


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