A Blessing for Women

I wrote this as a prayer and declaration for all women from their heavenly Father on Mother’s Day 2020 (Instagram) and now published here on Women’s Day 2020. Be blessed.


Before you were known or knew your first breath, I created you with precision and beauty.

I delight in you as you so wonderfully reflect My heart and care.

You are a Warrior, each of a unique kind –

Fighting all kinds of fortresses and so often operating in stealth mode yet defeating giants because of your perseverance.

You carry the night watches.

You stand guard for the hearts and minds of children and those weary, broken, and oppressed.

You are not alone.

You are the intimate companion of Jesus, treasuring hidden things and releasing heaven’s secrets for great Kingdom purposes.

You are a keeper and carrier of life and love, light and joy.

You are treasured Daughter of the One True King.

You are Mother defined for some physically but also a mantle of a spiritual kind –

All kinds of Mothers, lift up your heads –

Wear this mantle with heavenly pride, given by a proud Father.

You are Woman, both strong and kind, uniquely crafted with depths and heights.

Today, embrace Who You Are from your Good Father.

He gives hope as you look on Him – to see the good, to see beyond.

Today, receive these good gifts, receive what’s beyond – these promises are to be lived as true for today.

As you hold His hand, He holds onto you, your families and friends, cares and concerns more strongly than you know.

Receive Mother.

Receive Woman.

Receive Daughter.

You are My Great Delight.


You set changes in motion.

The waves are already crashing.

Continue hopefully; continue rejoicing, continue mourning and grieving –

Set thoughts and words into action –

Even just one thing, just one step.

I hold you in the palm of My hand and the Spirit blows, stirring what’s held dear, hoped for, and in your heart into being and motion.

It’s not stagnant, but moving with precision towards fulfillment.

In the numerous tasks and lists and constant doing, the Father says, “Give these to Me, lean back and rest in knowing that you can trust your Father.”

Receive that You Can Trust Your Father.

You are not on your own.

Receive heavenly equipping for spiritual and physical things –

These are not earthly nor human solutions.

Receive new vision to see around you what you’ve not seen before.

Receive new endurance, to keep on –

This is not like the old ways but by leaning back onto the Lord.

I am calling stillness and peace to be the atmosphere of your home –

Agree with me and call it out.

Finally, Abide With Me.

Receive My Presence for I Am God With You

All The Time.

Remember, Dear One,

You are loved.

You are valued.

And You are needed.

You are Blessed by your Father.


Published by Shannon

An American girl displaced and replaced at the bottom of Africa.

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