February 22, 2020 GoFundMe: Beginning Treatment (by Marte)

Shannon with her Mother Nancy

Hi Friends,

Do you want to hear something amazing? I was really touched to hear some news from my mother about the progress of my sister Shannon in her healing journey from cancer.

Many of you know Shannon was diagnosed with breast cancer, and we so appreciate all of you who have given so freely to help support her both financially and through prayer.

By the grace of God, Shannon has been able to begin treatment. Although she had some hiccups with renewing her visa to South Africa, God provided, and at the beginning of February, she left for a cancer treatment center in Mexico. She began the journey back to health with many other people who fly across the world to this place of peace and healing. 

Her treatment involves treating the whole body, the immune system, the mind and emotions, and creating an environment in the body that doesn’t allow cancer to live or thrive. Her daily treatments include different therapies, vitamins, and minerals that the body is lacking, and the nutrition the body needs to build a healthy immune system to
fight cancer cells.

She begins each day in corporate worship/prayer with the other patients, who have now become her friends. It’s been so meaningful and hope-filled for her to meet these people and to hear about their journeys towards healing also. Quite a few have tried chemo, radiation, and surgery, and each person has had multiple consultations with doctors and spent countless hours researching, and they have been led to the same place.

When one person completes their treatment time at the clinic, many gather to eat dinner together and celebrate the progress, the hope, and the continued journey of health. What an amazing experience for all and for Shannon to experience this community of hope and a shared belief in the Great Physician who heals and created our bodies to

Although this journey might take some time, Shannon is doing well. She is motivated by this experience, trusting in God for wisdom, knowledge, and healing. She appreciates all of you and is so thankful for this place of rest, healing, and growing in the Lord.

Through it all, we give glory to God for the testimonies shared, the prayers, and the healing that is happening. We believe in the Divine Creator, the Maker of heaven and earth, and we rejoice in who He is despite the challenges we face, even in the face of cancer.

We ask you to stand with us in prayer for Shannon, for her new friends, and for those in your lives as we know that we are all touched by difficulties in health and in life.

If you feel led to give in a tangible way, please feel free to donate at her GoFundMe page. All the proceeds will directly go to her to help support her in her cancer treatments. 

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!!!

We stand United, we stand with those who are healing from cancer, and we stand to honor and glorify God. Please stand with us.

– Marte


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An American girl displaced and replaced at the bottom of Africa.

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