A Nonsensical Poem about Words

I love words – how they make stories through sights, smell, sound – they become real. On my quest for inspiration to write again, I found this nonsensical poem I wrote in 2011 for my Psalms assignment when I was in the School of Biblical Studies. “This is a poem inspired by Psalm 104. As God is glorified in the creation, I thank God for words, even ones strung together with no purpose and no need to make any sense.” (Published March 24, 2011)

A Celebration of Words (2nd title: An Ode to the Word-Maker)

The fabric of my being,
The melody of my soul,
Plucked, prodded, and pulled
By some unknown whole.

Unsure of who dictates
What – within.
Is the edge of reason the brink of the gale?
Or really just the prime place to begin?

Hackysacks, hamper knacks,
Timing, and shrew –
Gibberish to most
But delight to the few.

A novelty of percussion,
A story of rhyme,
Nonsense is not no sense –
But joy found sublime.

And fashioned after You,
I don’t know where to begin.
You’re the Word that created design
And invented the rhyme.

You captured imagination
On the voice of the wind.
You inspired communication
From Your deity of Three.

You imprinted meaning on words.
You breathed life that gave breath,
So that I might send out a tantalizing tale,
But not for my ears only,
But for others to share.

So gaming and flaming
To crisp for the taming
Is not just noise to You either
And gives no need to decipher.

But that is enough to trouble your mind
As you might consider,
“What’s wrong with this girl?
A poem that makes sense,
Can’t she just deliver?”

So I’ll let you alone
From my first attempts
At the profoundly un-profound world
Of nonsense poems.

This is where delight
Is given in the sheer presence,
The God-given gift –
Of words.

Published by Shannon

An American girl displaced and replaced at the bottom of Africa.

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