A Blessing for Women

I wrote this as a prayer and declaration for all women from their heavenly Father on Mother’s Day 2020 (Instagram) and now published here on Women’s Day 2020. Be blessed.


Before you were known or knew your first breath, I created you with precision and beauty.

I delight in you as you so wonderfully reflect My heart and care.

You are a Warrior, each of a unique kind –

Fighting all kinds of fortresses and so often operating in stealth mode yet defeating giants because of your perseverance.

You carry the night watches.

You stand guard for the hearts and minds of children and those weary, broken, and oppressed.

You are not alone.

You are the intimate companion of Jesus, treasuring hidden things and releasing heaven’s secrets for great Kingdom purposes.

You are a keeper and carrier of life and love, light and joy.

You are treasured Daughter of the One True King.

You are Mother defined for some physically but also a mantle of a spiritual kind –

All kinds of Mothers, lift up your heads –

Wear this mantle with heavenly pride, given by a proud Father.

You are Woman, both strong and kind, uniquely crafted with depths and heights.

Today, embrace Who You Are from your Good Father.

He gives hope as you look on Him – to see the good, to see beyond.

Today, receive these good gifts, receive what’s beyond – these promises are to be lived as true for today.

As you hold His hand, He holds onto you, your families and friends, cares and concerns more strongly than you know.

Receive Mother.

Receive Woman.

Receive Daughter.

You are My Great Delight.


You set changes in motion.

The waves are already crashing.

Continue hopefully; continue rejoicing, continue mourning and grieving –

Set thoughts and words into action –

Even just one thing, just one step.

I hold you in the palm of My hand and the Spirit blows, stirring what’s held dear, hoped for, and in your heart into being and motion.

It’s not stagnant, but moving with precision towards fulfillment.

In the numerous tasks and lists and constant doing, the Father says, “Give these to Me, lean back and rest in knowing that you can trust your Father.”

Receive that You Can Trust Your Father.

You are not on your own.

Receive heavenly equipping for spiritual and physical things –

These are not earthly nor human solutions.

Receive new vision to see around you what you’ve not seen before.

Receive new endurance, to keep on –

This is not like the old ways but by leaning back onto the Lord.

I am calling stillness and peace to be the atmosphere of your home –

Agree with me and call it out.

Finally, Abide With Me.

Receive My Presence for I Am God With You

All The Time.

Remember, Dear One,

You are loved.

You are valued.

And You are needed.

You are Blessed by your Father.

Started a New Treatment, Ideas Formed, Words Flowed

I started a new cancer treatment yesterday (June 25), so it comes with good and bad and all types of thoughts and emotions – I won’t write about that today. But it is One Step Forward and continuing towards hope and healing. What else did happen yesterday evening was that ideas and pictures and thoughts and experiences collected and didn’t just get stuck or lost in my brain. But words were able to flow out into something, maybe a structure… But let’s just say it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to write like this. It’s prose. It might not make sense, but it means a lot to me. I pray God can speak through it to you too.

View of Muizenberg Beach and False Bay on a hazy morning (South Africa).

GREY-BLUE (part 1)

Light and bright, depth and mysterious, hopeful and intriguing, two tones yet one –

Grey-blue like my eyes I see reflect-ings surround me;

I want to keep up, to run, to grasp, what is sometimes unreachable and at other times found.

I want to settle into reflecting spaces to see and not see – to see again and to see new

Like breezes rattling tall evergreens in the mountains of my childhood

Stoic, quiet and vast, wondering what is beyond, further down the blankets of needled ground

Like the whispering wind setting calm insignificant ripples along lakes lost in the wilderness

Like vistas of sky meeting ocean, blues upon blues, all shades of blues and whites and lights and darks

Mixings into depths and expanses, too many things other that I cannot fathom – glimpses around bends, but maybe I can

Yet Being There

As the branch

Or the rock

Or the created

Not an imposing impostor but                                Being There.



Out of place notions drop, unheeded –

No one needs them here.

No one heeds them here.

I do not grasp or empty my hands – As letting-go hands are then meaning to be filled.

Filled with the needed and new and not by others or assumptions or expectations.

Truth Perspective gifts open and overflowing, abounding arms of embraces.

So gasps and grasping fall forgotten.


It is not what is left. Or what is lost. Or what is found.

It is       What Is Always There.

Discovering the Seeing

In the Breathing and Being.

Atop mountaintops

In the midst of valleys and lakesides and woodlands and savannas

Riding waves

Displaying seas

And flights of soaring skies

Belief was There – Before.

I’ve encountered something. I see some thing. I know Something. I believe Some Thing.

Whispers of delight and joy, hope and peace, love and freedom swirl, dancing thick with Presence.

He is There.

He is Here.

I am content as the ground to stay – grounded.

Seated – Still.

Pause. And breath.

I take with me full mason jars of holy wind. Heart full and free. Head clean and cleared.

The pack is light. Adventure – is the journey.


“So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.” 2 Corinthians 2: 18 (NLT)

A throwback to 2009 when I lived and ministered from a sailing boat, the Next Wave, off of Greece (pictured here) and Italy.

PARTAKE (part 2)

The Call to See, Be, Believe is waiting for you, too, to partake.

For the climbing and descending, the washing and worshipping, the waiting and watching

Agenda and musts abandon to He who is abundant, all around, within and yet not encompassed fully by His creation.

He laughs, exuberant, at the masterful makings and intelligent beings…

Beings meant to community with Himself and each other and to caretake His breadth of plan and domain of terra

This plan is not creaky or mistaken

He is not conquered

Though Dark seemingly bit into a piece

A battle raged for two distinct paths

And for the one in our hearts, there remains the choice

Behind the veil, it’s of Life or of Death.


Allow this Light to penetrate and break the caked shell

To crumble, to dust and evaporate the divide

To reveal and to see plainly – anew and alight

Your history is broken into new and better

Because He was broken and body and blood spent

But to break seals on rocks and graves and the ones in your heart and mind

You are fresh flesh, a new creation!

With the true plan, purposes and promises before you – unfurled Destiny declared

Because it’s back to the fullness of true Identity delivered

Before the first birth that took place in the eye of the Beholder, the Master Painter –

You are HIS Masterpiece.

Read the scrolls of your beginnings

There is More than you see

To believe

And to be.


“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.” Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)

A Nonsensical Poem about Words

I love words – how they make stories through sights, smell, sound – they become real. On my quest for inspiration to write again, I found this nonsensical poem I wrote in 2011 for my Psalms assignment when I was in the School of Biblical Studies. “This is a poem inspired by Psalm 104. As God is glorified in the creation, I thank God for words, even ones strung together with no purpose and no need to make any sense.” (Published March 24, 2011)

A Celebration of Words (2nd title: An Ode to the Word-Maker)

The fabric of my being,
The melody of my soul,
Plucked, prodded, and pulled
By some unknown whole.

Unsure of who dictates
What – within.
Is the edge of reason the brink of the gale?
Or really just the prime place to begin?

Hackysacks, hamper knacks,
Timing, and shrew –
Gibberish to most
But delight to the few.

A novelty of percussion,
A story of rhyme,
Nonsense is not no sense –
But joy found sublime.

And fashioned after You,
I don’t know where to begin.
You’re the Word that created design
And invented the rhyme.

You captured imagination
On the voice of the wind.
You inspired communication
From Your deity of Three.

You imprinted meaning on words.
You breathed life that gave breath,
So that I might send out a tantalizing tale,
But not for my ears only,
But for others to share.

So gaming and flaming
To crisp for the taming
Is not just noise to You either
And gives no need to decipher.

But that is enough to trouble your mind
As you might consider,
“What’s wrong with this girl?
A poem that makes sense,
Can’t she just deliver?”

So I’ll let you alone
From my first attempts
At the profoundly un-profound world
Of nonsense poems.

This is where delight
Is given in the sheer presence,
The God-given gift –
Of words.

Eyes Above – Let’s Go God-Gazing

Photo Credit: Found on Facebook

Photo Credit: Found on Facebook

This post began as a little “entering the new year 2016 ministry update” for my e-mail list, but it formed into something else, my thoughts – musings with God – as God just breathed a little WITH-NESS/sturdiness/His Voice into me. I sent it out, but it is a little “musey” and “wordy” so maybe it would fit here… And speak to you too.


“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.
Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.
There is no speech, nor are there words, whose voice is not heard.
Their voice goes out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world.
In them he has set a tent for the sun, which comes out like a bridegroom leaving his chamber, and, like a strong man, runs its course with joy.
Its rising is from the end of the heavens, and its circuit to the end of them, and there is nothing hidden from its heat.”
(Psalm 19:1-6)


I think that is my mantra, my goal, my resolution – if you will – for 2016. (Though I didn’t resolve to make 2016 resolution/s… Moving on…)

I tried to figure out so many things this past year: identity, wholeness, healing, rest, and stability (and not being overwhelmed)… even Being With “God With Us.” And that’s all good… in a way.

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In ruins –


Into true identity.


Faults and failings

Turn to dust,

Washed clean,

Washed anew.


A pin drop –

Light appears,

Darkness chased away,

Hope – not distant –

Draws near.


Vanishing flesh

Into Kingdom Come.

A new creation,

A new reign

Built on solid foundations –

The true Cornerstone.


Eternal city,

Citizen –

Son and Daughter,

Inheritance is here.

How Do I Respond To Flight MH17? …To Tragedy?

I’ve read the news and seen at some of the photographs of the Flight MH17 crash site in Ukraine. People’s lives lost – like that – all of a sudden. I cannot imagine what people are feeling. 

The Devastation.

I just dropped off a friend at the airport last night. Second airport run in a week. After I came back from the first airport run, I read on Facebook how guys are throwing something on the road to puncture car tires, Once someone stops, they hijack the car (http://www.news24.com/Travel/South-Africa/Travellers-warned-of-hijacking-risk-near-Cape-Town-airport-20140715). I made that drive alone a couple days after these reports happened. And I just drove there again. Thankfully, a friend hopped in the car so I wouldn’t have to drive back alone. Now I would normally feel fine about it, but the image just couldn’t get out of my mind.

People were held at knife point on my friend’s street the other day, just two blocks away. I walk there all the time. Stuff happens here. And there are worse stories…

Every time I watch a movie about the Bosnian conflict I get transported back to when I lived there for two months in 2001. And my heart hurts for the people and places I knew. Again, so much devastation – what real people went through. What people are going through around the world, Ukraine, Syria, Gaza, Iraq, in Africa… and many more.

Today isn’t about fear for me, but it’s about feeling and unfeeling. Nor is it about placing a Band-Aid of words where no words can aid the heart. 

I wonder what do I do with this, this emotion, this hurt, this information? Is this what I do, “categorize it” as “information” so I can just gloss over it and continue about my day? …Without stopping, without seeing?

Or I can stop for a second.

I know we all can’t jump on a plane and help, and I don’t know what each of our roles is to play. Nor do I know what my role is. But I don’t what to gloss over what PEOPLE in the world are going through – the injustice –  the need for justice, for freedom, for love and care, to know Grace and Light – to be seen as human, just as valuable as you and me.

I know I can’t understand what people are experiencing. But please know my heart goes out to you, I cry with you, I sit with you, I hold you. 

And I am silent…

If just for a second.


What do you need to stop for – and see today?

My hand may not reach across oceans,

but I can hold the hand next to mine.

Is there a hand near you

That you didn’t see before

That you may be called to hold?

What Happened on My Trip to Zimbabwe?

(Above Gogo Olive Knitting Workshop *Photography by Felicity Davies)

I’m back from Zimbabwe. But for about two weeks since I was down and out with a miserable cold, which made thinking past the end of my nose quite difficult. I’ve had plenty written, but I’ve felt this pressure that I’ve placed on myself. I really didn’t know how to express to you WHAT I experienced – in a nutshell – and to do it justice. So “it’s” all been ruminating in my head and on computer screen, which I hope has been a good thing.

How The Journey Began

It all started with a casual, “thrown out there” invitation from our visiting friend Ruth to Felicity and me. Something like, “Hey, you can come to Zimbabwe and paint a mural on a prison wall.” And we said something like, “Okay.” And then – it happened! (There were a few other details involved and prayers, but that’s pretty much it.)

So we bought our tickets and then our paintbrushes at the building supply store, packed our bags, and we were off! Zimbabwe is two hops away by plane, and I believed flying the preferable choice considering this country had an “air of adventure” to us and an “air of danger” to our computer and camera equipment.


Felicity and I visited Ruth and Julie Hagen, lovely (as my British traveling companion Felicity says), funny, and energetic sisters from Scotland and the job creation program Gogo Olive, and we had hopes of painting that mural, filming, serving our friends, and being open to anything that came our way. (“Came our way” included watching India Premiere League Cricket, which I can now attest to understanding and actually enjoying.)

Gogo Olive

Hoping to bless our friends by making a video for their ministry, we filmed, photographed, and interviewed the ladies at Gogo Olive – Felicity, being the photographer/videographer-amazingness, and I, the question asker/interviewer. I think we really just jumped in with both feet and not knowing what we were doing, but hey, it worked out great! I found out that I really love interviewing people. It was amazing to chat with the ladies and hear their stories of life, finding God, and how Gogo Olive has helped them. And I so was humbled to share a devotion with them about being created with value in the image of God and that Felicity and I could pray for them.

Or to WATCH the Gogo Olive video on the Vimeo website, click here: http://vimeo.com/user24100193/gogoolive

Julie Hagen began Gogo Olive by accident, she told me, as she taught ladies how to knit African animals. Somehow, this idea caught on, and these animals are sold around the world today! Seriously, Julie is SO creative. Gogo Olive now employs approximately sixty ladies who are able to provide income for their families. In a country with high unemployment this is such a blessing. As we spoke with the ladies, Chido shared,

“It was very difficult because my husband was not working at that time and difficult in finding rent because it’s very expensive here in Zimbabwe so my mother used to help me with that. And right now it’s easy because I can do the rents myself and I can buy my own things.”

Money just to pay for basic needs

And Joyline,

“I like them [my children] to be teachers, doctors, head masters…”

Dreaming that her children have greater opportunities and better lives

I’m interviewing Thulani. *Photography by Felicity Davies

Prison – To Be Continued…

Gogo Olive also reaches out to women in prison, who can earn income by knitting and are able to continue with Gogo Olive once their prison term is completed. But I’m being too lengthy in this post… I think I’ll devote another post to tell you about my time in prison! 


I am so thankful for my time in Zimbabwe and am so blessed by Ruth, Julie, the ladies at Gogo Olive and the prison, and the friends we made and who welcomed us into their homes and lives. I praise God for how He is moving in hearts and lives in Zimbabwe, And I believe God is truly using Julie and Ruth! 

Two Scottish young women with their hearts planted in Zimbabwe.

A land and people whom I imagined broken.

But what I encountered was love, perseverance, hope, and joy.

People who love their neighbors.

People who persevere through difficult times.

People who find hope behind prison walls.

People who live joy because they know the author of joy. 

And may they find faith that at every sunset there is a sunrise in the morning.

Sunset over Mountains of Zim *Photography by Shannon Mintz

In Joyline’s words,

“I need prayer to let Gogo Olive be in Zimbabwe

for a long time in order for us widows to get something

to help our children because as widows life is hard.

…keep on praying for Julie and Ruth

because they did a very great, great thing to us.

They didn’t expect it…but because of God’s grace to us

they gave us a job to help us.”


Please continue to pray for the people

and country of Zimbabwe.


And if you’d like to learn more about Gogo Olive,
the amazing knitting ladies, and the animals they knit,
please visit their website at http://www.gogo-olive.com/

Why Do I Have a Blog?

(Above photo: Death stare because I realize I’m not drinking coffee… *Photography credit: Felicity Davies)

I have wondered what to write here for a while now… This isn’t my first blog. I believe I’m entering a new season in South Africa as I started working with Creative Communications for YWAM Muizenberg – Cape Town and it’s training schools and ministries. (You can read more about me here: https://shannonmintz.com/mystory ) My passions are to value and empower people, and so I hope to do this through mentoring, discipleship, and communications with YWAM Muizenberg but also through writing – on this blog! (I am on a journey of discovery here so it doesn’t stop there!)

I desire to share with you stories of the amazing ways God is an integral and transformative part of my life and of others’ lives, my ponderings from the Word, my thoughts, experiences, and crazy imagination, and whatever else tickles my fancy… Did I really just write that? i.e. news, books, movies, t.v. – You will find I love a good story!

But I also hope to be real with you as life in not just peaches and cream, but I’m an empathetic being (meaning I “feel” other people’s pain, and cry a lot). This is hard for me as I am learning to be vulnerable and to trust you, the reader, with my writing – and through this I reveal a lot of my heart (so please if you would, be kind). I may share my hard stuff, questions, or difficult subjects, well, because I like to be challenged and to think deeply and in new ways.

Finally and mostly importantly, the great God I serve will me made apparent because He is where I and this world originate. And I am learning to voice gratefulness in everything and to dance through the tension of this life and the next – because I am His beloved daughter, a partaker in His Kingdom, and He is WITH ME.

And I’d love for you to journey with me! Thanks for reading, and Enjoy!